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Flashover: in Firemen terms, the sudden onset of everything igniting at once. But this also describes a HOT FLASH! The sudden onset of a hot flash that takes you from cold to burning, dripping sweat hot--in seconds.

Do you dress in layers and have a sweatshirt on one minute and a sleeveless shirt the next? Back to the sweatshirt, off with the sweatshirt, etc.
Do you constantly have one foot hanging out from the covers while sleeping?
Do you get drenched in sweat to the point you are embarrassed?
Do you have to bring a change of clothes with you to work?
Or maybe you have more subtle symptoms like a slow burn throughout your body--like you just drank down a shot of whiskey.
Do you sometimes get a slight sheen to your face and uncomfortable clammy feeling throughout your body? You know, like every 5 minutes?

Give FLASHOVER a try and see if you can get your hormones to settle down. Menopause is going to happen whether we like it or not--why not try a healthy alternative to the medicines on the market? Take this roll-on and apply it morning, night, during and in between! See if these oils can work for you and alleviate your symptoms.

Ingredients: essential oils of Lemon, Clary Sage, Geranium and Sage. Blended in Jojoba oil.
.35oz/10ml roll on.

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