Smudging Wand – Red Sage – Dragon’s Blood

Smudge stick, appx 4-5" long. California white sage coated in dragon's blood resin.

California White Sage is especially useful in clearing the atmosphere in and around your home or space. Removing negative energies and bringing balance to the area is a benefit of smudging. One of the best tools to use in your daily life, the Spirit of sage is dedicated to offering protection, blessings and clearing.

Dragon's blood is the red resin that is found on various trees and brings a bit of a woody, spicy scent to the sage. Benefits of this resin adds to the clearing process while some believe it also protects against evil, provides protection and brings blessings in love and money. The intent of how you use the smudge tool is the key.

Directions for clearing space: Light the sage wand and allow the smoke to drift (smudge) around your body or home. To clear the home, begin in a corner of your home and move from the outer part of a room and circling to the center. There are some who move counterclockwise and others only clockwise---do what resonates with you or as your beliefs/practice/ceremony dictates. Move to each corner of the room/home and give specific attention to window casings, doorways and behind doors. The heavier the smoke, the heavier the energy---smudge until the smoke burns clean and travels straight up.

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