Resin – Frankincense Tears

Traded for more than 5000 years, Frankincense and the oil produced has been known for its healing powers and the ability to connect with source, the creator. The resin is obtained by deep cuts in the trunk of the tree and letting the sap run out. This sap dries into 'tears' which can be used to burn in a resin (charcoal) burner.

Place the tears on a charcoal tab and let it burn for use in healing, blessing, connecting and clearing. Add other resins, such as Myrrh, Copal or even tobacco--there are no right or wrongs.

Frankincense has an aroma of pine and lemon--it gives a sweet, woody scent that is very distinct.

Excellent choice when preparing area to meditate, connect and as an offering to spirit.

Includes one bag, appx 1.3 oz.
Charcoal tabs and burner sold separately.


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