Smudging Mist – Sage

span style="color: #000000;">Sage. Smudging mist that eliminates odors and clears the air. Essential oils are not a 'cover up' for odors that linger--they dispense what is there and leave the atmosphere smelling clean and fresh. Try this spray all over the house including the bathrooms and kitchen.

Not only an odor buster, this blend specifically clears and changes the atmosphere of an area. Ever feel the need to change the atmosphere in a room or around yourself? Have you walked into a store and suddenly became tense or edgy? What you didn't know is that an irate customer was in there before you and the area was still showing that energy. Energy is left all over the place--in buildings, cars, outside etc...and of course ourselves.

One spritz of smudging mist will change the energy or just lighten the air. Spritz corners of a room, doorways, your car, your own body etc. This mist is a perfect alternative to burning sage.

Ingredients: witch hazel (hamamelis virginiana distillate), everclear, glycerin, sage (salvia officinalis), water.

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