Kyanite – Throat Chakra

'KYANITE' - Throat Chakra.
Kyanite is available in a roll-on, spray or diffusing oil. Use separately or in tandem by layering the blends and diffusing at the same time. These are synergetic blends that will create the ultimate experience as you work through your chakra energies.

Speaking your truth is powerful. Being able to express your true feelings, your true intentions--your true you. Do you have problems with any form of expression? Do you have fear, doubt, uncertainty in expressing yourself through spoken words, artistic expression or any creative outlet? Or maybe you have a learning ability that blocks these areas?

The throat chakra serves as a doorway for the feelings that are in the heart. If this door is closed--as in the energies blocked, we have troubles expressing our feelings, our passions, our beliefs, our needs and wants--our personal truths. We need to take control of our own passions and be able to express them in a safe manner.

Blocked energies in this area can manifest themselves through issues with the thyroid gland, neck, throat and jaw, vocal chords, respiratory system, arms--basically your whole upper body.

Has anyone ever told you not to speak your word? Have you ever been belittled for speaking or creatively showing your truths? Are you afraid of the truth or speaking the truth? Are you having trouble doing things that you really want to do? Are you keeping things to yourself? Do you have fear of not being heard?

Kyanite can help us honor and acknowledge our needs, wants, ideas and opinions. Keep the communication center strong and stand in your own power. Be heard.

Suggested use: Roll-on or spray can be applied to wrists, neck or throat area as desired for a personal scent or to keep energy moving. Use the diffusing blend as desired or during meditation. The diffusing blend is 100% essential oil, do not use on the body undiluted.

Spiritual/energy use: apply to your wrists, throat and neck to keep the energies balanced. If you feel as though energy blockage is a long time issue, use this blend repeatedly in conjuction with the SLATE blend.

A blend of 6 essential oils including Juniper Berry, Birch, Frankincense, Peru Balsam, Fennel and Oak Moss. Blended with jojoba oil. .35oz/10ml roll on.
Spray: Juniper Berry, Birch, Frankincense, Peru Balsam, Fennel and Oak Moss. 4oz bottle
Diffusing Blend: 100% essential oils of Juniper Berry, Birch, Frankincense, Peru Balsam, Fennel and Oak Moss. 5ml bottle

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