Skin Stick

Skin Stick is a must for those who suffer bug bites, minor cuts and abrasions. This balm makes a perfect addition to your Medicine Bag.

Calendula oil is the base of this stick. This oil is gentle, cooling, soothing and is exceptional to those with sensitive skin. Calendula is known for helping dry and damaged skin, irritations, and other skin ailments.

The addition of essential oils only enhance the action of alleviating skin issue symptoms. These oils include:
**Lavender---well known for pain relief, wound healing, itch relief and aids in any skin issue.
**Frankincense---provides pain relief, aid in healing, astringent, anti-inflammatory and more.
**Tea Tree---anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-infectious.

Directions: Apply to bug bites for itching and to minor cuts or abrasions to aid in healing.

Blended with beeswax to form a nice balm. .15 oz.

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