Cold & Flu, Jr. – nasal inhaler

A nasal inhaler for kids 4 years old and up!  What we have here is an awesome respiratory inhaler just like Cold & Flu  but with a different blending ratio of essential oils.  One particular oil, Eucalyptus, has been swapped out for Cedarwood .  Although Eucalyptus, in my opinion, is one of the best oils for respiratory issues, some of its components are too much for young children and should be avoided.  Fortunately, we have Cedarwood that can jump in and be an awesome replacement as it combats those nasty bugs that are making your little ones sick. 

Aromatherapy nasal inhalers are the perfect tool to combat respiratory issues.  They work fast as the oils are quickly absorbed through the olfactory membrane.    

Stuffy nose?  Runny nose?  Cough?  Congestion?  My head is too big for my body syndrome?  Fortunately, essential oils offer us powerful ways to address these symptoms and to help kick them to the curb!

The benefit of nasal inhalers is that they are easy to use, private (no one else smells the oil) and portable--you can easily carry them in your pocket!  They are fast acting and effective as they provide a powerful punch to the microbes invading the body.

This inhaler includes essential oils of:  Cedarwood, Black Spruce, Australian Tea Tree, Lavender and Frankincense Carterii.  These 5 oils are powerhouses as their therapeutic activities cover it all:

anti-microbial, anti-spasmodic, anti-asthmatic, expectorant, mucolytic, anti-tussive (cough), anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and decongestant

Directions for use:  block one nostril and put the inhaler directly to the other, inhale deep.  Repeat other side and repeat both sides if needed.  Use every 2-4 hours or as needed.  Recommended to not share inhaler with others.  Asthmatics or allergy prone are advised to test slowly to make sure this is not a trigger.  NOT intended for use on children under 4 yrs of age.

How long your essential oil inhaler will last depends on a few factors:
*How often you open and use the inhaler.
*How the inhaler is stored when it's not in use--keep tightly closed and away from heat
*If you use your inhaler daily, it will last 3–6 months.
*If you use your inhaler for short periods of time, it can last up to a year

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