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A shaman is said to have different talents that can include: psychic visionary, energy healer, counselor, mentor and teacher. Walking a shamanic path is an understanding that we are all connected, we are all energy and that there is life after death. There is a 'oneness' that is not only understood but the feeling runs deeply as we walk our path.

Shamans and those who practice shamanism, work with many guides and are able to walk, 'journey', between the worlds of spirit and everyday reality. This journey process enables the shaman to get messages from spirit, retrieve soul pieces and remove unwanted energy in a persons energy body. This is specifically called a shamanic journey and is used to help balance the mind, body and soul.

Soul retrieval is necessary when pieces or fragments of our soul break off in this life or past lives. These pieces can be broken off through such things as trauma, depression, illness and more. Some pieces we unintentionally give away or they are taken. For example: a shaman found one of my soul pieces buried deep into the earth, covered in thick layers of blanket. This piece is one that I left deep into the earth when I buried my beloved dog. Without this piece I was experiencing a withdrawal from society and I didn't feel quite whole. The piece was doing the dog no good as her soul had moved on. It is examples like this that we fragment off and experience a soul loss that can disrupt our lives, cause illness, create emotional trauma and more. It is within my own experience and journeying for others that soul loss happens in all of us and it shapes who we are and what we experience.

Another part of the shamanic journey includes extraction of unwanted energy if needed. When we are ill, weak, emotionally unbalanced etc, it leaves an opening in our energy body for stuck energy which can eventually create disease in the physical body. This unwanted energy can affect the balance of the chakras and eventually settle in our organs, joints and other areas. The removal of this stagnant energy can greatly improve the health of a person and increase vitality in all areas of mind, body and spirit.

How can a journey benefit you? In our everyday travels and stress of life, we all experience upheaval in our energy body. Unless we know how to balance these areas we can become ill in all areas--starting with our spirit/soul. When our spirit is sick, we tend to follow suit behind it with the mental, emotional and physical.

Are you stressed in life with work or family?
Are you depressed? Constantly sick?
Are you going through a move? a breakup? the loss of a loved one?
Have you experienced some kind of trauma? or abuse?
Do you feel as though something is missing? that you aren't quite whole?
Or, maybe you are happy and balanced and just want a check up on your energy body along with guidance from spirit.

The list is endless for the benefits of a shamanic journey. I currently use this process on a continuous basis to work in and heal myself. It is priceless what we can learn of who and why we are, what we are.

A shamanic journey can be performed in person or at a distance. During this process I will journey on your behalf to the spirit world to receive messages, guidance, conduct healing, extraction work and soul retrieval.

Contact me today for further questions or to schedule this time for yourself. or 920-360-3694.


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