Journey to Power Animal

Journey to Power Animal

Introduction workshop to the basics of shamanism.

Shamanism is an ancient way of life that realizes we are all connected, we are all ONE. In the practice of shamanism, a practitioner reaches a 'shamanic' state and is able to journey within to receive messages, guidance and healing. Once considered only available to shaman or 'medicine men', the journey procedure is practiced in many walks of life.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of journeying and practice multiple journeys with intent. You will also be guided to your power animal which I consider to be one of the most important tools of the journey process. This workshop is more than getting a spirit animal--and we can have multiples.  You will meet your 'shamanic' animal guide which will be your main guide that you will work with for guidance and protection.  You will be taught how to journey, why to journey and how to do it safely.

Designed for beginners to the shamanic journey process.  You will experience multiple journeys, meet your shamanic power animal and learn how and why to journey.

Workshop is a 5-6 hr format.  Can be a group or one on one--number of participants will vary the time.  Contact me for available times.

All workshops are conducted at 6964 Konitzer Rd, Stiles, WI unless hosted at stated locations. Email, message or call for any questions. 920-360-3694.

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