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Journeying for the good of the body, mind and soul.

How would you like your own personal scent? How would you like to have a scent that vibrates to your own energy? How would you like to have a scent that Spirit says you need at this time?

With a Journey Blend, I will do a shamanic journey on your behalf--I will go in, get a story and come back. What is a shamanic journey? Basically, it is the ability to change the state of consciousness to communicate with the inner self, with spirit. The journey enables access to other realities to obtain knowledge and guidance. It can be a method to explore, recover and to find out more about ourselves and our purpose.

Shamanism is an ancient tradition used for healing, solving problems and to generally help us move in harmony with all. You need only to journey within to find your answers.

With a journey blend, spirit will show me a message that they want you to know. These messages sometimes come through like a movie scene, metaphors, past life issues etc. I intuitively gather and interpret what it is they want me to relay. Usually, only the recipient understands the message. At this time, spirit also helps me gather essential oils to create a specific blend to help with the story presented. They are the oils that vibrate with you--your energy.

Scent is powerful. It can affect us on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects which can carry over into our physical. It can affect our memory, our emotions, our attraction to others. We are energy and alive with vibrations that react and move against or in tandem with other vibrations. As such, essential oils work with our vibrations and help create a harmonic balance.

How it works:
**Order the Journey Blend
**I will email you and give you time frame when journey will take place.
**As soon as journey is complete, I will email you a copy of the write up of the message. Most likely we will email back and forth with Q & A of the message.
**I will create your own personal blend, as dictated by Spirit.
**A copy of the message and the blend will be mailed to you.

****A master blend of your scent will be created and kept on file. You will be able to purchase additional bottles of your personal blend in the future at a discounted rate from the journey.

Includes: one shamanic journey, write up of journey, personal essential oil blend (.35 fl oz roll-on bottle).

*****A journey can be purchased as a gift, but I cannot perform a journey without consent. Therefore, I must be able to converse with the recipient.

Disclaimer: essential oils are not a substitute for professional medical care and the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the therapeutic suggestions or any statements made on this website about essential oils, carriers or other products offered. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any health condition or disease of humans or animals. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking medical treatment because of something you have read on this website. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

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