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Large bowl, hand-carved diffuser for essential oils with a raindrop design.  These unique pieces are made of soapstone from India.  Colors can vary in each one such as marbled brown, ginger, reddish brown and tans.  Soapstone is easy to care for and will last for years--just clean with soap and water.   Appx  4" x  3".

The larger bowl is perfect as it will hold enough water to burn for one full tea-light---unlike smaller bowls where it evaporates much faster.  Diffusing essential oils is the best way to add ambiance to a room. Whether for aromatics or health benefits, this soapstone diffuser will enhance any space. Holds heat well and disperses the oils evenly.

Directions: fill bowl comfortably below the lip line and add 5-10 drops of essential oil. Light a tea light in bottom cavity. As the bowl heats, oils disperse throughout the room. You can add more oil to your preference depending on size of room.

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