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Crisp Mornings. Love the Fall season and all it offers! Nothing better than to enjoy a cup of coffee outside as the world wakes up. The world is a bit quieter at this time and the air is crisp and cool. This blend reminds me of these times as the outdoor aromas seem to be more clear, more distinct. The blend includes Bergamot Mint and Fir Needle. Don't think the traditional mint smells when you see Bergamot Mint---it is a gentle oil that has a smooth mint scent along with some fruity, floral tones. It resembles a combination of citrus, herbals, lavender and mint. Add to it the rich balsamic properties of Fir Needle and this uplifting blend will remind you of a crisp morning. Diffuse this combination in your house or read below for further ideas:

***use in your favorite electric diffuser, follow diffuser directions.

***add water to a tea light diffuser and add 5-6 drops of oil

***add drops to your body lotion

***replace the wax in an electric wax warmer, add water and drops of oil

***drop a few drops into the pooled wax of a burning candle for instant scent

***add drops to water in a bottle to make your own room or body spray

***add a few drops to a potpourri warmer

***simmer water on a stove or warmer and add drops of oil for scent

***Do you make your own lip balms? Try a few drops of this blend in them.

Whether for aromatic or therapeutic purposes, diffusing oils are the simplest way of putting essential oils into the air for inhalation or purifying the environment. Essential oils do not mask odors, they eliminate them as their molecules are full of oxygen. These oils diffuse clean and you will notice their difference from the heady fragrance of the chemicals on the market. And besides, they are fun and the smell is heavenly as it slowly diffuses throughout your space!!

Breathe better, feel better and live better! Diffuse today.

100% essential oils of Bergamot Mint (Mentha citrata) and Fir Needle (Abies siberica). Do not apply to skin undiluted. Keep out of reach of children or animals.


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