What Sunshine Spirit Co. is all about…

There is more than one side to Sunshine Spirit Co., LLC.  
Created and operated by Tina Ashcraft—this company has evolved from a simple search for a basic truth–a truth that resonates with Tina.   Sunshine Spirit is named for her Mom who passed into spirit in 2008.  For many years and through many avenues, spirit has knocked on Tina’s door and said hello.  There comes a time when these knocks can no longer be ignored–when spirit wants you to work on their behalf, they make it known.   The story of Sunshine Spirit is a quest for answers to life after death.  Everyone has their own truth that works for them and this is hers.  What is this truth?  Life does not end.  And what has this truth led to?  Shamanism, Mediumship, energy healing, past lives and more.  To read more on Tina’s adventures in these areas, please check out her blogs  (link to come in near future).      
Training, schooling, experiences:

***Bachelors of Science in Accounting with a Business Minor, University of WI-Green Bay.

***Shamanic Intensive Individual Retreat, 2015 facilitated by Gary Gent, Shaman. Shamanic Connection. A complete one-on-one training for the body, mind and soul. An unbelievable, life changing event in all that is.

***Circling the Medicine Wheel, 2015, Gary Gent, Shaman. Shamanic Connection.

***Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrievals, multiple times since 2008, with Gary Gent, Shaman. Shamanic Connection.

***Shamanic Animal Communication and Healing, 2012, Debbie Gent, Shaman. Shamanic Connection.

***Trusting your Intuition, Spirit’s Journey, Awaken Your Intuition, 2008, Amy Wilinski, shamanic practitioner of Golden Light Healing.

***Michael Harner’s ‘The Way of the Shaman’ 2013, presented by Timothy Cope at Golden Light Healing.

***Chakras-30 day course, 2011, Lori Andrus, Modern day Priestess, Priestess Pathways.

***Creating Transformation Through Ceremony, 2015, Lori Andrus, Modern day Priestess, Priestess Pathways.

***Sacred Creation Workshop-Medicine Staff, 2015, Lori Andrus, Modern day Priestess, Priestess Pathways.

***Transformations and development, 2013-14, DM Levy, Donna Marie Levy, Joshua Tree

***Reiki Master, 2009-2011, Amy Wilinski, Golden Light Healing.

***Art of Soap Making and Lotions and Lip Balms, 2009, Amy Wilinksi, Golden Light Healing.

***Mediumship Training, 2009 and 2015, Amy Wilinski, Golden Light Healing.

***Mediumship Development Circle, 2011, 2014, 2015 to present, Golden Light Healing.

***Mediumship Study Programme, 2014 to present, Martin Twycross, spiritualist medium and teacher.

***Aromahead Institute of Essential Oil Studies, Andrea Butje.
—Certification in Essential Oils, 2014 to present
—Aromatherapy for Natural Living, 2014 to present
—Body Butters and Lip Balms, 2014 to present
—Essential Oils, 2013
—Anatomy and Physiology, 2014

***Animal Communication, 2013, Asia Voight, Asia Voight Communicator

***Animal Communication, 2012, Val Heart and Friends

***Animal Communication–multiple classes, 2009 & 2013,Wendy Wolfe.

***Many workshops in crystals, intuition, essential oils and others that are too various to mention.

Although the spiritual side of life has helped create Sunshine Spirit, the creative part of the company started as a hobby in 2009 after attending a class on soap making. Working out of a small room in the basement, many recipes of trial and error were conducted over time and the results were gifted to family and friends. As the techniques improved, the demand from people to purchase the soap increased. It was only natural to start crafting lotions, creams, lip balms and essential oil sprays at this point. Increased schooling and training has brought the company full round to include essential oil blends for personal scent and energy work. The learning in this area is non-stop and has become a love that is passed on through the product.

Tina’s passion for learning continues, as time permits, while she works her full time job of 18 years in accounting as a Controller. Living in Stiles, WI, she shares her space with 2 horses: Bill and Tommy Boy; and 3 dogs: Gunner, Sadie and little Mr. Zippity Do Dah.

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  • Love the website and very user friendly. Very PROUD of you, keep it going!!!!

  • Looking forward to the blog. I love your sprays, they seem to take me back in time. Keep them coming.

  • Very nice site. Easy to navigate and very informative.

  • I wanted to comment awhile ago but the days have flown by……….Your product “Don’t Bug Me” is wonderful. My husband and daughter get bit badly when the mosquitoes are out. We have used your product faithfully and both husband and daughter have been happy all season and able to enjoy the outdoors without being bit! Keep the new products coming!

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