Fair Trade – what does this have to do with natural skin-care?

What is Fair Trade? Most notably known for the coffee trade, it is the practice of helping developing nations to thrive instead of depending on aid. Fair Trade USA was set up to help these people obtain a fair price for their goods–goods that are known to be created from the natural resources of the area.

Hand-made, hand-carved, hand-grown, hand-picked etc. is a leading practice of the Fair Trade. Funds for the productspoverty_0

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are designated for social, economic and environmental projects. The most important part is that each community decides how their funds are used. Some examples include: create/support education, build/offer healthcare clinics, fight poverty, empower women, build business, create roads, fresh water sources etc.



Photos courtesy of fairtradeusa.org

Coffee, tea, flowers, wine, spices, wood products and clothing are just some of the items to be found through Fair Trade. How lucky I was to find hand-carved soapstone for my essential oil soaps. I have been looking for soap-holders like the ones below for ages! No mess on the counter but it allows the soap to drain–prolonging the life of this natural skin-care product. Beautiful and so elegant, these pieces are truly one of a kind.

As I see my soap holder on a daily basis, it reminds me that I have helped in some way, no matter how small, to help people get fair prices for their products, create safe working conditions and provide entire communities the benefit to create sustainable lives. Every dollar counts.



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