Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential OilsOnce I moved essential oils into my life, they became a necessary part of my everyday choices.  This statement sounds like they are an addiction.  Well, maybe they are to a certain extent–a natural addiction to wholesomeness!

The properties of essential oils are vast and can be studied extensively. Many of us have heard of the oils and find them in various products. But do you really know what they are about? Here is a list of the more common benefits of the oils.

10 Benefits of Essential Oils

**Essential oils kill viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. They are antiseptic, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-infectious and anti-macrobial.

**Essential oils have been shown to be effective in treating physical, psychological, and aesthetic conditions just from the aroma. Inhaling specific oils releases neurotransmitters for pain, relaxation, pleasure etc.

**Essential oils can penetrate the cells of the body to do their job. Antibiotics cannot.

**Essential oils can detoxify your cells and your blood.

**Essential oils can purify the air.

**Essential oils can aid in lowering blood pressure.

**Essential oils used in steam inhalation are very effective in treating respiratory

**Essential oils used in lymphatic massage stimulates blood flow and the healing

**Specific essential oils can soothe tight muscles and release pain.

**Essential oils are often used to induce sleep and create a relaxing atmosphere.

The use of essential oils date back to thousand of years. With that track record, the healing benefits cannot be wrong. Choosing the right oil, the right method–they have been proven to work.

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