The Garden of Good vs Evil? Natural Repellents and Deet

In Wisconsin, this time of year has everyone scrambling for mosquito repellent as we are attacked when we hit the outdoors. In my neck of the woods, repellent is necessary at most times of the day. Getting a blood drawing bite on my body is bad enough without thinking about the disease that this said bite can carry.

Many repellents on the market work great at keeping these nasty skeets and other bugs away. But with every positive there seems to be a negative as a common ingredient in them is Deet. I am not going to get into the nasty side of Deet or the arguments to and for on it. You can’t argue the facts: it is a pesticide. And you can’t tell me a pesticide is safe to apply to my body as my skin absorbs what it comes into contact with.

Everyday people come up with a new reason why pesticides are not harmful and how to use them correctly. But they forget to balance these reasons with the increase of disease in this world. Where do people really think disease is coming from? It is not just that mosquito or tick that is bringing it on.

Do we keep balancing the negatives and positives as we use the chemicals in order to avoid the chance of Lyme’s or West Nile virus? As we reduce the chance of some disease, does it increase the risk of others such as cancer or autism? Can we not eliminate, or reduce, the negative from the positive?

In my world, YES!

There are many natural alternatives to the deet products on the market. But buyer beware! Many products that are considered natural repellents and chemical free, are not. Anytime there is a color or fragrance listed, keep in mind that these are chemicals.

Today I posted a repellent on the website that will help you keep those nasty bites from your body. Give it a try–you will be amazed at how well these natural products work. You can find this product listed with the sprays.



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