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28th Jan 2015
Journey Blend – Shamanic Journey

Journey Blend – Shamanic Journey

Journey Blend! What is it? How does it work? Journeying for the good of the body, mind and soul. How would you like your own personal scent? How would you...

08th Sep 2013

Fair Trade – what does this have to do with natural skin-care?

What is Fair Trade? Most notably known for the coffee trade, it is the practice of helping developing nations to thrive instead of depending on aid. Fair Trade USA was...

21st Aug 2013

Natural Skin Care – Aloe Vera

There are so many natural ways to treat and protect our skin. If people just give the things in nature a chance, they will be surprised. If you look around,...

10th Aug 2013

Benefits of Essential Oils

Once I moved essential oils into my life, they became a necessary part of my everyday choices.  This statement sounds like they are an addiction.  Well, maybe they are to...